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The Ranches Golf Club: A links golf experience just minutes from I-15

The Ranches Golf Club is a spectacular 18-hole championship facility nestled in the hillside valley between Lehi and Eagle Mountain. Featuring a Western theme, The Ranches Golf Club offers golfers a relaxing retreat with acres of elbow room to enjoy.

Carved from the native prairie, the course’s 188 acres present golfers a true links-style experience. Designed by noted architect Ron Garl, the golf course was created to play a challenging 6,861 yards from the back tees, yet offering multiple tee boxes to cater to players of all skill levels.

While the shot quality and attractive layout will keep golfers focused and entertained, it will be difficult for even the most serious golfers to avoid being caught up in the surrounding vistas. To the South is Lake Mountain. To the East towers the Wasatch Front. To the West are the peaks of the Oquirrh Mountains, and Utah Lake is visible to the South.


We offer individual and group lessons from a PGA Professional. For your convenience we offer a well stocked golf shop for all of your equipment and apparel needs. Customers can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the 6S Grille and order from their golf carts during a round. We have a beer license through the state of Utah, which prohibits all outside alcohol.

 Rules & Dress Code

Please repair all ball marks on the greens and fill all divots with sand in the fairway. Please keep the group in front of you in sight and be aware of your pace. Pace should be 4 hours for 18 holes. You are responsible for all damages to the course and equipment, as well as any damage that your ball causes to off course property.

The Ranches Golf Club would appreciate if men and women would refrain from wearing cut-off shorts. Men should wear shirts with sleeves (refrain from wearing muscle shirts). 

Personal golf carts or motorized scooters are not permitted on the golf course. 

Hole number 1 is a challenging par 5…
Safe tee shots are played to left side of the fairway. A lay up to about 80 yards is ideal to avoid the front bunkers guarding the green.

Par 5
Black – 532 yards
Green – 492
Silver – 464
Blue – 454

Handicap – 13

Hole number 2 will require practice for this Par 4…
No need to try and cut the corner on this harsh dogleg right. Any tee shot at the 150 yard marker is perfect. On your approach always take one more club than you think. Missing short is not an option; long on the approach is the miss.

Par 4
Black – 385 yards
Green – 358
Silver – 337
Blue – 204

Handicap – 3

Hole 3 – Bring your game for this Par 4…
It’s a short par 4, you decide to go for it or lay up. You can either bomb it at the green or play to the 150 yard marker. Either way the fairway slopes right to left, so aim at the right side of the fairway. A shot to the middle of this sloping green is ideal no matter where the pin is located.

Par 4
Black – 364 yards
Green – 339
Silver – 322
Blue– 296

Handicap – 17

Hole number 4 is the most difficult hole on the course…
Safe tee shots are played to the right of the 150 marker as a massive ravine runs along the left side of the hole and in front of the green.

Par 4
Black – 435 yards
Green – 410
Silver – 349
Blue – 303

Handicap – 1

Hole number 5 is a challenging par 3…
Safe tee shots are played short and right of the green. You definitely don’t want to go long on this hole.

Par 3
Black – 193 yards
Green – 179
Silver – 144
Blue – 73

Handicap – 9

Hole number 6 is a challenging par 4…
You have options to go with a safe shot to the fairway on the left or bomb it straight at the green on the right. You want to avoid the middle of the hole and anything short right.

Par 4
Black – 366 yards
Green– 347
Silver – 344
Blue – 278

Handicap – 5

Hole number 7 is a beautiful dog leg left…
If you can draw the ball in the middle of the hole, you will be in a great position to reach the green in two. The hidden green presents a thrilling approach.

Par 5
Black – 490 yards
Green – 462
Silver – 439
Blue – 404

Handicap – 7

Hole number 8 is a tricky par 3…
Large bunkers surround the green on the left and front sides. If you hit it long, you will end up in the native.

Par 3
Black – 194 yards
Green – 180
Silver – 156
Blue – 133

Handicap – 15

Hole number 9 is one of a kind…
Few holes offer a directly uphill play. Make sure to hit it longer than you think on your approach.

Par 4
Black – 378 yards
Green– 346
Silver – 286
Blue – 232

Handicap – 11

Hole number 10 is a fun dogleg left…
Safe tee shots are played to the right side of the fairway. If you can drive the ball well, you can go for the green and have an easy approach.

Par 4
Black – 438 yards
Green – 390
Silver – 370
Blue– 344

Handicap – 6

Hole number 11 is our longest par 5…
Safe tee shots are played to left side of the fairway. A lay up to about 80 yards is ideal to avoid the hazards surrounding the left side of the green.

Par 5
Black – 627 yards
Green– 571
Silver – 543
Blue – 489

Handicap – 2

Hole number 12 is our longest par 3…
Make sure you club up as it is uphill and you don’t want to be in the bunker on the front left.

Par 3
Black – 238 yards
Green – 183
Silver – 157
Blue – 133

Handicap – 12

Hole number 13 is a reachable par 5…
A fade on the right side of the fairway will leave you less than 200 yards to the green.

Par 5
Black – 529 yards
Green – 510
Silver – 482
Blue – 426

Handicap – 8

Hole number 14 is a fun par 4…
Safe tee shots are played to the right side of the fairway and playing a draw. Make sure to avoid hitting it short left as you will be in trouble.

Par 4
Black – 402 yards
Green – 369
Silver – 346
Blue – 327

Handicap – 14

Hole 15 – The perfect hole if you hit it straight…
Native surrounds the left and right sides of the hole, but the miss is definitely on the left.

Par 4
Black – 444 yards
Green – 408
Silver – 374
Blue – 349

Handicap – 10

Hole number 16 is our easiest par 3…
the tee shot is above the green, so be sure not to overhit it. The green is large enough to land most misses.

Par 3
Black – 142 yards
Green – 135
Silver – 133
Blue – 130

Handicap – 16

Hole number 17 is a challenging par 4…
Thick native surrounds the left of the fairway and a series of bunkers protect the right side of the green.

Black – 412 yards
Green – 382
Silver – 369
Blue – 293

Handicap – 4

Hole number 18 is a fun final hole…
If the wind is behind, you can drive the green. Just like the 9th hole, the 18th hole is straight uphill, so make sure to club up on your approach, becaue you don’t want to be in the bunkers short of the hole.

Par 4
Black – 292 yards
Green – 284
Silver – 263
Blue – 252

Handicap – 18

Tee Slope Rating
M Silver
W Silver
Tee Yardage Par
M Silver
W Silver
Year Built:
Greens Grass Type:
Fairways Grass Type:
Sand Bunkers:
Water Hazards:
Yardage Markers:

Steve McFarland of Ron Garl Design Group
Bent Grass




225, 200, 150, 100 Yardage Markers and Sprinkler Heads Marked

Accepts Tee Times:
Driving Range:
Training Facilities:
Dress Code:
Putting Green/ Chipping Area/ Teaching Pro
Basic golf attire preferred. Will accept nice jeans, tee shirts, and hemmed shorts. WILL NOT ACCEPT CUT-OFF SHORTS, TANK TOPS OR SLEEVELESS TEE SHIRTS.
Rental Clubs:
Available Products:
Metal Spikes Not Permitted
80 Gas Carts
Not Available
Open for Lunch/ Beverage Cart on Weekends/Event only
Light Beer available in Restaurant to take on Golf Course
Dawn till Dusk
Clubs, Apparel, Accessories, Balls, Shoes, Socks, and much more!
Homes on Course:
Golf Community:

Directions to Course

The Ranches Golf Club is about 10 minutes from I-15 west of Redwood Road past Saratoga Springs. From Salt Lake County, take the 2100 North Exit to Redwood Rd. then south to Highway 73 and west. From Utah County, take Pioneer Crossing west to Redwood then north to Highway 73 and west.

Hole 1

Hole: 1    Par: 5    Handicap: 13

Hole 2

Hole: 2    Par: 4    Handicap: 3

Hole 2

Hole: 2    Par: 4    Handicap: 3

Hole 2

Hole: 2    Par: 4    Handicap: 3

Hole 2

Hole: 2    Par: 4    Handicap: 3

Hole 2

Hole: 2    Par: 4    Handicap: 3

Hole 2

Hole: 2    Par: 4    Handicap: 3

Hole 2

Hole: 2    Par: 4    Handicap: 3

Hole 2

Hole: 2    Par: 4    Handicap: 3

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